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We have learned to play petanque, we know the basic rules, it seemed to us a very simple sport that only our elders practiced it, we have discovered its charm and we have had a great time. We have discovered that it is a sport with its own rules, its own characteristics and that it is practiced by many people.

The 5th and 6th grade students prepared in English classes questions they wanted to ask the actors. At the end of the performance, there was a discussion in which they answered very kindly to all of them. At the end, they took a picture with the actors, hoping to attend a new play next year.

The boys and girls of the 6th grade of Primary School have prepared a report in radio podcast format.They have chosen four mothers close to our school to tell their experience of motherhood during pregnancy and the first months with their babies.Below are the interviews with them.We hope you like them.

Did you know that Emmanuelle Charpentier and Jennifer Doudna received their Nobel Prize thanks to their “CRISPR-Cas9 magic scissors”? Javier told us that thanks to these researchers we now know that it is possible to make changes in DNA, thus disarming the harmful viruses that modify it.

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“Los niños son los ganadores de esta experiencia. En una crisis así hay héroes, víctimas y ganadores. Los niños soportan un reto incomprensible e intolerable para ellos”.  Francesco Tonucci, mayo de 2020.

El escenario provocado por la pandemia de coronavirus ha generado muchas incertidumbres y malestar que no sólo crean nuevas demandas urgentes sino que nos hacen replantearnos viejas cuestiones sobre las formas de relacionarnos y cuidarnos.

La infancia se ha convertido en uno de los debates centrales en este contexto de emergencia que estamos viviendo. Hemos visto diferentes opiniones sobre la salida de los niños de sus casas durante la cuarentena, lo que ha hecho emerger una cuestión fundamental: los niños como seres humanos que también tienen derechos y los límites o posibilidades de una autonomía dependiente de los adultos.

A través del evento Escuela, infancia y ciudad en tiempos de incertidumbre, presentaremos tres mesas redondas, junto con Medialab Prado y la Asociación La Kalle de Vallecas, que abordarán tres temas urgentes:

  Ciudad de badajoz ceip

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Workshops and activities highly recommended for a complementary activity in English without leaving the school. The students enjoyed themselves, understood the story and used the vocabulary they had already acquired and the one they consolidated during the session (the animals), communicating in English. They were also very happy with their craft.

Both students and teachers of CEIP Blas de Otero in Madrid have enjoyed the British culture workshop held in Primary and the story The Very Hungry Caterpillar held in Infants. We hope to be able to count on you next year, thank you and good work!

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